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Set Up Day for the Inaugural Florida 300

Added by cyberspeed on May 18, 2014 - 07:38 PM
Photo Credit: Mike Shappell
Photo Credit: Mike Shappell (TMS 20)

Registration for the Florida 300 Endurance Catamaran Race is complete and 12 boats will take the start of the inaugural event. The start is at the Islander Resort, mile marker 82.1, Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL. tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Florida 300 May 19-May 22

Added by cyberspeed on Feb 15, 2014 - 10:08 AM
The Race will be a distance race, stopping each night at a different location encompassing a distance of approximately 300 Statute miles. There will be 4 legs to the race. The overnight locations are planned and expected to be:

May 18, 2014 - Arrive and setup, Islander Resort, mm82.1, Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL.

Race Day 1, May 19 – Islamorada, FL to Key Biscayne;

Race Day 2, May 20 – Key Biscayne to Singer Island;

Race Day 3, May 21 – Singer Island to Vero Beach, FL;

Race Day 4, May 22 – Vero Beach FL to Cocoa Beach, FL .

These are currently expected stopping locations which may change slightly based upon detailed planning currently in work. (Negotiations on going with Hotels and Cities)

If this goes well, we are certainly further considering distances 500-1000 starting next year, BUT WE MUST GET A FIRST RACE OFF THE GROUND AND SUCCESSFUL AND THIS MEANS YOU SAILING WITH US!!!!!

The last segment (Vero Beach to Cocoa Beach) will have a separate start for boats with Hobie 16 or faster portsmouth rating. Details to be published soon.

The NOR and Registration form can be found on: www.Florida300.com

Warren Green

Chuck Bargeron

Dennis Green

Craig Van Eaton

Larry Ferber

Atlantic Coast Endurance Race

Added by cyberspeed on Feb 01, 2014 - 03:13 AM

Greetings fellow distance cat racers!

Discuss This On The Forums 

As u all may well know, we had a once strong Florida distance racing series, and a proud annual tradition of the Worrell 1000, then the Tybee 500.  Unfortunately due to a number of factors (fleet changes, participant changes), we find ourselves with an "aging" fleet of Inter 20s, Nacra 6.0s, and other spin boats without a real class camaraderie, and a very active fleet of f-18's, that holds many of the former fleet, but also many who have thought of, but not yet been inducted to true distance racing.  Finally some of our best are "distracted" with the Olympics and other life pursuits.  All this has served to weaken the overall Florida distance Racing Fleet.

But we know you are out there and interested!  All of us have spoken to many of you, and its seems it is time once again for a mighty distance spin fleet to rise from the sand and surf of yesteryear, to bring our beloved sport back to the forefront.

There are many ideas about, but we would like to keep things simple for now, and to assess TRUE INTEREST.

The proposal being floated is to pursue a 3 to 5 day, 200-300 mile multi-day Florida based distance race THIS YEAR, between late April and late May for spinnaker boats 16 feet or larger, with daggerboards and two man crews at ideally no more than 75 miles a day, over 3-5 days.  If this goes well, we are certainly further considering distances 500-1000 starting next year, BUT WE MUST GET A FIRST RACE OFF THE GROUND AND SUCCESSFUL AND THIS MEANS YOU SAILING WITH US!!!!!

After much deliberation this is distilled to choices of:

Course: Islander to Singer Island (3 day) or to Cocoa Beach (5 day):
Dates: Sunday April 27 (Islander setup) to Wed April 30(3 day) or Friday May 2(5 day).
OR May Sunday May 18 – 21 or 23.

If you are SERIOUSLY INTERESTED, and this means that short of major unseen circumstance, you will register and show up for said distance race, PLEASE SEND A POSTCARD to the following address with the following information:

Is a Fully Foiling Beachcat in Your Future?

Added by DamonLinkous on Jan 13, 2014 - 09:27 AM

After watching the Americas Cup last year and seeing the big 72 foot cats fly both hulls, many of us daydreamed about flying over the water on our own (smaller) catamarans.

Discuss this subject in the forum. 

But the question was, is it possible? Will the technology "scale down" to the point that some manufacture would be willing to go into production with a fully foiling beach launched catamaran? We now have the first answer to that question with the Flying Phantom from Phantom International of Saint Lunaire, France.

This all-carbon 18x10 (see full specs at end of article) uses an simple yet ingenious set of foiling boards to reach claimed speeds of 30 knots (34 mph) already. These claims are made more believable since during the last Little Americas Cup the foiling C-Class catamaran Groupma C that dominated the competition used the same system and proved to be extremely fast and stable.

Here is the latest report from Phantom about their new flying boat.


After a successful launch of the Flying Phantom One Design during the 2013 Paris Boat Show, Phantom International starts this new 2014 year with a high pace to ramp up the activity and prepare the future of the world’s first production foiling catamaran: sailing sessions to test, prepare and optimize the boat; a new website to present products, media and latest news; launch of the production of the first units and preparation of the Dusseldorf Boat Show.

Flashback on these last weeks with Gurvan Bontemps – Flying Phantom Test Pilot

“I’m very happy with the new boat, the one we presented during the Paris Boat Show and that is the first production unit. The last two weeks were dedicated to sailing sessions with the new One Design Flying Phantom. The 4 sailing sessions were very instructive in order to discover the boat: we have new mast, new foils, new sails and the boat is much lighter than the prototype boat.

We continuously optimized the settings and L-shaped foils and T-shaped rudders were validated. We experienced different conditions with a range of wind speeds from 6 to 20 kts including flat water and moderate sea.

The new boat exhibits more stability, as compared to our prototype without any impact on performance, furthermore

Hurricane 5.9 Nationals edition 26: “The Hurricane way of life”

Added by Hurricane59SX on Sep 25, 2013 - 04:47 PM

Hurricane5.9 Nationals edition 26: “The Hurricane way of life” -- Weymouth Olympic course, GBR.

What better season finale for the Hurricane59 fleet, than GBR's pinnacle location Weymouth and the 2012 Olympic course…

Class secretary Maxine Oliver, organised a blinding combo of international quality racing facilities with social events to match.  World class race officers, Olympic facilities, the band Super Massive, an RNLI benefit race night, Hog roast and more….  Did you see the prizes waiting for every competitor?  Thanks to Typhoon, Hyde sails and AWSailboats J

The fleet however out shone all of this with a huge show of camaraderie and mutual support on 'big Sunday'…..  This is really what Hurricane sailing and its sailors are all about, sail with us and you become part of the family…. It's the Hurricane way of life baby!!  (By the way there are no secrets either, have you seen the tuning guide link below?)

Day1 Races 1-3:

Beautiful Weymouth bay, glorious sunny conditions and a 10knt offshore breeze greeted our contenders, in what turned out to be ''do or die" day for nationals 2013.

There was no chance for slow starters as competitors fought to make their mark on the score board in this soon to be truncated 4 race series, but no one knew that yet…

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