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Hiram's Haul Postponed

Added by cyberspeed on Oct 24, 2012 - 11:49 AM

Sorry to announce the 15th Annual Hiram's Haul will be postponed due to the latest Hurricane update, showing a small westerly jog to its course late Friday and into early Saturday. This jog is too unpredictable to try a start.

Those who want to cancel their reservations can do so by Thursday at 6pm to avoid a cancellation fee. So please help get the word out to anyone you know who made reservations at Hiram's. However, many of the reservations are those who were not racing so we will be there at the Halloween Party. Come join us for the fun without the work.

We will try to reschedule the 15th Hiram's Haul for another date. Please check the following sites for updates:




Hiram's Haul Registration Now Open!

Added by cyberspeed on Oct 07, 2012 - 04:22 PM
Sail SeriesThis is the 15th anniversary for Hiram's Haul which wil be the fourth round of the Endurance Series.  The event runs October 27-28, 2012. Saturday is a 30 mile catamaran sprint down the Intercoastal waterway to the quaint, old Florida town of Sebastian and Capt. Hiram's for the first party. Spend the night and enjoy Capt. Hiram's or any of the other cozy watering holes. Return the next day with another 30 mile sprint to Performance Sail and Sport for the 2nd leg and overall trophy presentation and party. Grill's Riverside Restaurant has graciously offered to cater the party on Sunday.

F18 Worlds Day Three Report

Added by DamonLinkous on Sep 15, 2012 - 08:10 AM

Day Three, Long Bach, California, Report by Jeremy Leonard

The Globaltech F18 Worlds in Long Beach, CA now in its 3rd day, has been one of those sailing events that people remember and talk about for a long time afterwards. The results from yesterday determined which sailors would be designated to sail in the Gold Fleet and which sailors would be sailing in the Silver. With over 120 boats registered, you can bet that the competition was fierce all over the track. The start of the first race for the Gold Fleet was one of the most aggressive, well-sailed starts that I’ve ever witnessed in sailboat racing. The fleet was tight, and just about every boat was exactly on the line as the gun fired. The caliber of sailing skill is extremely high here in Long Beach, just as you would expect at a Worlds event.

The wind has ranged from light, around 6 knots on the first day, to two epic days of perfect sailing conditions breeze in the high teens, sun, and a slight wind chop. The breeze has been in the range where one error can cause a spectacular wipe out. Sailor john Bauldry pitched his boat so violently, that the mast broke as it slammed the water. To make matters worse, as the boat tumbled, the mast caused a minor injury to one of the other boats sailing nearby. Luckily the injured crew is OK and recuperating well. Bauldry received a new mast, and with the help of many of his competitors, was able to get his boat back together and will be sailing tomorrow. There have been a handful of breakages, crashes and other damage that have been keeping the on-site fiberglass repair guys in work.

The Alamitos Bay Yacht Club has been an epic host to the madness that several hundred cat sailors can bring, and the RC has done a great job keeping the race courses together. The hospitality of the club combined with the sand, sun and weather, you really can’t go wrong.

Endurance Series: Gilligan's Run

Added by cyberspeed on Jul 31, 2012 - 08:25 PM
Sail Series
The second race in the Endurance Series is Saturday August 4th. Gilligan's Run is about 25 miles which is the shortest race of the series. The race starts at Perry's Ocean Edge Resort heading North to the Main Street Pier then back South to Ponce De Leon Inlet rounding a inlet buoy before turning back north to finish back at the hotel. The exact course is dependent on wind and will be determined the morning of the race.

Great Texas 300 Day One Report

Added by DamonLinkous on Jun 14, 2012 - 10:15 AM

The first of four legs of the Great Texas 300 sailed Wednesday June 13th was a 100 mile drag race up the coast of South Texas. The leg was won by local Texas sailor and four time previous winner John Tomko with crew Ian Billings on a C2 F18. Right on John's heals (only 1 minute 27 seconds after 100 miles) was John Casey and Dalton Tebow from Orlando sailing the Cirrus F18.


Read more for leg one race results and schedule.

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