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Dart 18 mast and all hardware/stays Nacra 570 or
posted by nofearofflying
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10/2/17 5:20pm
Nacra 20 daggers & rudders
posted by pbegle

Nacra 20 daggers & rudders, any condition
75 10/2/17 11:59am
1992 Nacra 4.5 Tramp
posted by keith.alphonso

I just bought a Nacra 4.5, pretty sure its a 1992 model, but the tramp is dry-rot. Anybody have one or know where I can get one just message me! Thanks!
85 9/26/17 1:20pm
Mast for Hobie 21SE or good comptip for that mast
posted by bill40421SE

I am looking for a mast for my buddies boat in North Florida Thanks for any help. Bill
140 9/21/17 5:40am
Old style beach wheel tire
posted by wwkbob

I'm looking for an old style beach wheel. The tire has ribs and it's bonded to the hub. If you have one that is in good shape and holds air, please contact Bob @ 860/299-6404. ...
116 9/12/17 11:43pm
Prindle 18-2 Boom, or P18/P19 Boom Same Size
posted by maddoghawaii

Aloha, I'm looking for a Boom Prindle 18-2. I believe P-19 & P-18 boom same size also? Do you have one for sale or know where I can find one. Thanks Chris P.808-227-5661 soli ...
102 9/12/17 6:09pm
Boomlet pre'95 model for H17
posted by lakeemma

Hobie no longer makes the old style boomlet - I need it for a square top sail as an alternative to my regular sail.
91 9/8/17 4:31pm
Nacra 6.0 Sails or anything that would work on a 6.0
posted by nbbowers

Looking for used sails that would work on a Nacra 6.0 262-215-6061
93 9/7/17 10:49pm
Nacra 6.0 used sails
posted by izzy

Looking for Nacra 6.0 used sails for training... main & jib Also, some parts from the Mast are needed.
113 9/1/17 5:36pm
Nacra 6.0 used sails
posted by izzy

Looking for Nacra 6.0 used sails for training... main & jib
62 9/1/17 5:35pm
Nacra 5.8 Mainsail (Used) Wanted
posted by afvenom

Looking for a used Nacra 5.8 Mainsail or a set with Main and Jib. Any style std or Sq. Repairable damage might be ok
130 8/26/17 9:06pm
NACRA 5.8 Dagger Board Wanted
posted by afvenom

Need one used Dagger board for a Nacra 5.8
80 8/26/17 9:02pm

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