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Russell Coutts First in Decision 35 Catamarans at Lake Geneva

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 19, 2006 - 01:52 AM

New Zealand skipper and America's Cup legend Russell CouttsJune 17, 2006 New Zealand skipper and America's Cup legend Russell Coutts crossed the finish line of the 68th Geneva Bol d'Or Rolex shortly before 2100 to take line honours. After some extraordinary close contact racing, keeping his crew of amateur doctors on their toes right until the last breath of wind, Coutts narrowly beat Philippe Cardis (Julius Baer), Loïck Peyron (Okalys) and Alain Gautier (Foncia.ch). At the entrance to the 'petit lac', just 5 miles from the finish, there were still four Decision 35 catamarans in the running for victory. From La Baule on France's Atlantic coast, Loïck Peyron was the first to come within sight of the line, driving hard down the French side of the lake under gennaker. At that point, Russell Coutts and Philippe Cardis were on the other side of the lake. Gybe after gybe, from wind pockets to wind holes, a different set of cards was dealt over and over again, the advantage changing ever few yards. Rooted to the helm, Coutts remained concentrated to the finish to ake victory on the last gybe.

Team Cubra Libra Wins the 2006 Great Texas Catamaran Race

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 18, 2006 - 01:33 PM

Team Cuba Libra at Great Texas Catamaran RaceTeam Cuba Libra wins the Great Texas Race.

It is amazing how fast these guys are! Congrats to John and Tiffany.

Leaving now for the road trip back to So Cal. Read More for full results.


Final Day Report, Great Texas Catamaran Race 2006

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 17, 2006 - 09:27 PM

June 17, 3:50pm - Team Chums I today gave up a lot of time helping Nautigear on the water after a rudder failure left them unable to manuver in this conditions well. I heard the Steve Piche said that the conditions today were rougher then ones he had on the Worrell. Team Chums I tried to assist them but was unable and stayed with them. At one point they sailed on further and made sure they kept them in site but then they pitchpoled. Team Chums returned to assist them and stayed with them the rest of the leg. More reflections later.. Connie

June 17, 3:30pm All teams are in... Team Cubra Libra hit the beach first on their Tiger, followed by TPR. Team Cubra Libra had a sizable lead on all the others. Team San Diego was the last to come in with a torn spinnaker and other boat problems after a violent pitchpole on the water. I herded up the Cats for a group shot and I will report more after the awards banquet tonight.

On a special note, we were all reminded today that all this racing is done on a big part for the fun and friendships. Steve Piche lost track of his daughter for way to long today and the guys formed a line in the water to search, the rest of us ran the beach. This is a big beach, goes on for miles, and everybody scattered to search. After about 15 min she was found quite a way down the beach and all was well. I think it shook us all and once again we are just are reminded that we are all one big family. Sail on... Connie

Unexpected Podium Finish at Zwitserleven Round Texel 2006 Catamaran Race

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 17, 2006 - 09:13 PM

Hans Primowees, single-handed on his 26-year-old Prindle. Remco Kenbeek and Paul Brouwer, sailing a F18 Capricorn, are the overall winners of the 29th Zwitserleven Round Texel. In a crowded party tent, they received their prizes from Chris Zegers on Saturday evening, June 17, 2006. It turned out, they were only forty seconds ahead of Hans Primowees, who rounded the isle single-handed with his 26-year-old Prindle. The F18 world champions, Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby (AUS) finished in third position with their Hobie Tiger.

Footnote: One of these days I'm going to be at Texel! What a scene!

Prindle 15 Second Overall (out of 436) at 2006 Round Texel

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 17, 2006 - 03:43 PM

Göran Marström and Thomas Persson (SWE) round texel Texel / Netherlands, June 17th 2006 - Saturday June 17 2006, Göran Marström and Thomas Persson (SWE) were the fasted team during the 29th edition of the Zwiserleven Round Texel. Their M20, build by Marström himself, crossed the finish in 4:10:34. Their fellow country members Mattsson/Malmsjo followed in second position and Bouscholte/Van Wieren (NED) finished third.

Surprising Prindle 15
More than an hour and ten minutes after Marström took the line honours, an old Prindle 15 finished. Competitor Hans Primowees was astonished at his provisional second position overall: “This weather is perfect for A-cats, so I though they would have won the race.” He mentioned his experience as a reason for his success: “I made full use of the current by staying inshore, while many cats choose for the Waddensea. Although Primowees participated in twenty Zwitserleven Round Texel Races, he is not a fanatic sailor during the rest of the season. Primowees: “A week before the event, I take my old Prindle out to practice in the Texel Dutch Open. I will bring the boat back next week.”

Day 4 Report from Great Texas Catamaran Race

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 17, 2006 - 01:59 PM

Rough Seas for Great Texas Catamaran Race, Leg 4June 17, 10:18am -Team San Diego struggled a bit and another team dropped a crew member but all stayed on the water and are headed out.

June 17, 9:30am - Team R3 pulled out of the race and there are a few teams that may not go as of now. Some are waiting for the local sailors to launch then will make the choice to go. Winds 15-20 with a 3-4 swell. Hopefully all will have a safe launch.

June 17, 7:30am - Word at the great BBQ last night was that it was a go. This morning there is a SCA in effect with winds on the beach at 20 easy. Local buoy data shows 6 foot seas at Galveston. The beach here is quite shallow for a long way out and there is a line of rolling surf to punch through. Local weather predicted winds 15-25 and 5-7 ft seas. Right now the race is on! Will make for some awesome shots, so I am off to make sure the batteries are charged. It should be a short ~40 mile run to Galveston for both the on the water team and the ground teams. See you there tomorrow and hopefully with a lot more photos! ~Wish them luck!

Day 3 Report From the Great Texas Catamaran Race

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 16, 2006 - 06:26 PM

Update! June 16, 5:06pm, Surfside, TX
Crews are scrabbling to secure boats... Just heard a hardcore cat racer say, "Dam, it's blowing!"

June 16, 4:30pm, Surfside, TX
Blowing like snot is about the story today. When we hit the beach shovels full of sand were ripping across the beach. At the 9 am skippers meeting it was decided that there would be second meeting to determine the outcome at 11:30am. At the second meeting, Tom the PRO, made the call that leg 3 of the race was called off due to the weather conditions.

We have arrived in Surfside. Wind 12kts, storm blowing through and very heavy rain at one point on the way here. Teams are on the beach and getting the boats off the trailers in prep for the start tomorrow.

Bundock/Ashby (AUS) Win the 2006 Texel Dutch Open

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 16, 2006 - 06:14 PM

Bundock - Ashby Win Texel Dutch Open On Friday June 16 2006, Bundock/Ashby (AUS) won the Texel Dutch Open. Yesterday the Australian team dominated the races with three bullets and it seemed as though they would obtain overall victory hands down. But team Heemskerk/De Boer gave tough competition. With a difference of one point, Bundock and Ashby won the event. Heemskerk and De Boer were runner-up and Skomski and Kopylowicz ended in third position.

“It got trick today”, says Bundock. During today's first day, they managed to keep the other teams at great distance, but after that, they could not keep up with Heemskerk. “We made some tactical mistakes. At the second match we chose the left side of the field, but it turned out there was more wind on the right. The last race we got away quite well, but we were on the wrong side of the field again.” The Australians hope the breeze picks up tomorrow: “Wind, waves and sun. Just like home.”

Leg 3 Cancelled, Great Texas Catamaran Race

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 16, 2006 - 12:35 PM

June 16, 11:30am, Breaking News From Mustang Beach!

Leg 3 Cancelled After Several Delays The race committee cancelled todays racing due to lightning and thunderstorms along todays route. The final leg is scheduled to start tomorrow at 10 AM from Surfside to Galveston Island.

Day Two Photos of Great Texas Catamaran Race Launch

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 16, 2006 - 11:43 AM

Day Two Launch, Great Texas Catamaran RaceJune 15, 2006 - Day Two

Pictures from Day Two Launch

Complete Results, Leg Two

Leg 2: Mustang Island to Matagorda Beach, June 15, 2006
Distance: 91 Miles Along the Texas Coastline

Day two started off as a light air morning when the wind building and clocking from the south to the south east by the end of the day. All the teams got off the beach on the first attempt and wind build along the way.

The F18's hit the beach first with Team Cubra Libra coming in first and had a sizable lead over the rest of the second pack. They were followed by TPR, Team Chums II, Nauti Gear, R3, TCDY, Sailboat Shop, Yost, WWW, San Diego, Team Chums I, Team Dallas and McBok. A couple of the teams to hit the beach first said that there were two areas that the wind was light during the course.

The ground crew had another 100 plus miles to cover and I hit the beach about 45 min. before the first team landed. The first thing the crew did was grap a couple of cold drinks. Team Chums II, after temporarly losing the skipper the day before, hit the beach 3rd,

Winds on the beach were ~15kts and weather was clear and sunny.

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