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Hobiemill Tramps?  Bottom

  • Anybody had any experience with the Hobiemill black mesh tramps being sold on Ebay? Prices are attractive. Thanks! Steve
  • Bought one but haven't put it on yet. Material seems thinner that a Hobie tramp but I could buy 2-3 of the Hobiemill for one Hobie tramp. If I had the $$ I would buy the Hobie though.
  • I looked at those last summer when I totally refitted my 1981 H16 and the price seemed attractive to me too. I also read some discouraging reports on them. (That doesn't mean they're bad, it's just what I read at the time). I obssessed and researched the crap out of different choices of tramps. I opted for the trampolines sold by Slo Sail And Canvas. They have multiple rows of stiching. I'm 6'2" and 250#, I need a STRONG set up! I bought and installed a beautifully constructed black mesh trampoline and am VERY happy with it. You might want to check them out. They are at slosails.com. I paid like $215 on the tramp and $15 on the linecatcher. More than a Hobie Mill but less than a factory one. They are VERY good quality! If you get one from them tell them Bruce from Pasadena MD sent you.
    Also when you get it installed spill some beer on it...tramps like it when you spill beer on them icon_biggrin .

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  • i bought one this past season for my supercat 17
    not bad for the price... a few cons... i had the hell of a time sliding into the bolt track.. very very tight but i think it was more so because the stitching was as close to the bolt rope as i would have like it... also the material around the grommets are pulling out alittle...also the hiking straps are starting to bleach in the sun... now the PROS the custom made my tramp to my deminsion, i heard that they are adding more material to where the grommets are... heres a pic of it on the boat... overall very happy with the tramp... will buy anouther when i need one cheap....

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