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Righting Bucket  Bottom

  • has anyone purchased the 250lb righting bucket with ratchet system from Murrays? Will it it work well for a 155lb single hander?
  • I've yet to use mine, icon_redface but I am pretty sure it would work very well if used properly. I should spend a day doing safety drills next season! Where are you sailing? Brian
  • The 1 from Murrys works well, its the one we recommend when anyone ask. what boat do you have?
  • Thanks guys. I'm sailing a 1983 H-16 in Portland, OR....Columbia River Gorge.
  • should be no problem righting with that Murrays bucket, make sure you practice with it b-4 using. there not always just unpack and use, You will need to adjust it your your boat and you. if the bag hits that water before the boat is up it defeats its purpose.
  • Hi. I've just purchased an 82' H18. My first catamaran. Does anyone know if this bucket could help all 190lbs of me right the H18 solo?
  • I think as long as your mast is sealed, you would probably be able to right the 18 with the bag, but the only proven solo aid I know of is the Soloright, which is a pole system you walk out on. Practice with whatever you get to ensure it works before you need it.

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