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Dilemma - Hobie Getaway  Bottom

  • I have been sailing a Hobie 16 now for about 4 years in the heaviest weather I can find on Lake Mille Lacs, MN. We did a 28 mile run in 25 MPH wind 2 weeks ago skipping off of 5' rollers. Easily best sailing we have ever seen in MN.

    My beautiful wife has always been kind of peeved about me having a sailboat that does not accomodate our small children from a safety perspective. I have only taken our 5 year old out a couple times in light air, and their are four of us so the hobie 16 does not really fit the bill.

    I have always thought the Hobie Getaway would be the perfect boat for all of us, both in terms of safety and space. However I have never sailed a Getaway and am worried that it will be the most boaring rig on the lake when we want to go tear up the lake on a super heavy air day. Not sure I can keep both.

    For those who have sailed both, will I be hating myself for selling my 16 if I buy a Getaway?

    On a side note, can anyone tell me of a place that rents Getaways around Ft Myers? I am going to be down there in October and if I could rent one I could answer my own question.

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  • anawrocki
    For those who have sailed both, will I be hating myself for selling my 16 if I buy a Getaway?

    Try to get on a Getaway, or at least have a look at one that is setup at a dealer. I think you will be surprised at the "hot boat" features. The Getaway is plenty fast and even 6 adults couldn't sink it. I've got a pictures someplace of 6 adults standing on the front tramp and the bows are not submerged.

    From your wife's point of view, the Hobie Bob, the front tramp, and the wings will make the boat feel a lot "safer".(Of course everyone is wearing comfortable PFD's) and this perception might get you on the water more.

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • I have checked out the getaway at a dealer. I won't sail or let anyone on my boat without a PFD. I don't consider myself an experienced expert sailor, just compentent enough to be comfortable sailing in heavy air.

    The reason I think the getaway is safer than a 16 is:

    1. No Boom to whack kids in the head

    2. Heavier / Less Sail (slower / more stable)

    These two things to me seem to also mean a slower boat. If that is not the case, I would be thrilled.

  • Unfortunately the Getaway doesn't offer a bigger rig, and is considerably slower than a 16. It would be a compromise for you, but you may find it worthwhile for all the above reasons.
  • we have people "downgrade" to the getaway only to comeback and say its more than they ever could have imagined. The added comfort features out weight the loss in speed 9 times outa 10 with my customers. Defiantly try one if you can, does your dealer do free demo's? I do not know anyone in the fort myers area, if you can get to Panama City instead I can defiantly have one on the water for you.
  • Thanks for the reply, if it wasn't a 500 mile drive I would certainly take you up on your offer. I do have a local dealer that will put a demo boat in the water for ~ $200 and credit you back the money towards a purchase, but I was hoping to try it out while on vacation in FLA. I am leaning towards trying to find a used one, I could always sell it after a year if it did not work out. When my girls get a bit bigger and can hang on and duck I will upgrade.
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