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  • I've posted some pics of my '83 hulls in the member photo album section under "Beginning to restore hulls." I have begun oxidation removal and surface prep for gelcoat repairs. The previous owner used Marinetex putty to make repairs on deep nicks and scratches. Not pretty!

    I have begun the removal of excess putty with the intent of making finish repairs out of gelcoat to better match the original hull finish. I've also started removing the tattered pinstripes with intentions of replacing them with new ones.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for restoring luster to the decks without damaging the non-skid? The decks are quite oxidized and need wet sanding. I would like to remove the oxidation from the non-skid areas as well.

    I will post follow up photos as I make repairs. The damage aft at the rudder gudgeons will be the most extensive repair.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.
  • 1 word - Vertglass

    It is supposed to be the best thing in the world for bringing back luster to old fiberglass/gelcote. It is supposedly easy to do and lasts....

    I have never used it but know others that swear by it and have seen great pics

  • If you need advice with removing the pinstrips, i can help you after removing them off my cat this fall. Just ask if needed
  • Thanks ryman. Since I'm having to wet sand the hulls and buff them out, I just carefuly ran a single edge razor under them and carefully peeled them off. They were stuck on for sure but came right off. The razor just glided along the gelcoat surface. There are some rather obvious ghost stripes left. The adhesive from the stripes actually stained the gelcoat and left a yellowish colored raised stain. I will be applying a larger new strip over that when I'm done making repairs.
  • ryman522If you need advice with removing the pinstrips, i can help you after removing them off my cat this fall. Just ask if needed

    I removed the original plastic stripes from my H18 using a razor blade and a product called Goof Off. Pictures are in the Technical Help Gallery

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  • damon, i used that technique on one of the hauls and found it extremely difficult on my boat cause there was a slight ridge so the razor blade couldn't smoothly remove it. I just heated up the other haul on the stripe area with either a heat gun or a lighter could work too and you can pull the stripes off in one long pull. I do thank you tho for your help, because thats the main article i read.

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