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in need of prindle 18 parts  Bottom

  • i need a set of sails, the part of the mast hinge that is rivited to the mast, and a rudder blade. my email is sailboatguy1975@yahoo.com
  • Try Pete Begle at 909-800-5237. He is in Big Bear Lake, CA and seems to have a decent supply of used parts. Last I talked to him he has a P18 Main sail but not Jib. I think he had rudders.

    I can't say for sure about the mast hinge do you not have one at all or is it just broken or bent. Mine had been torn from the rivets and was badly put together with various screws. I drilled and tapped out the holes and using some stainless steel panhead machine bolts with permanent lock tight I reattached the hinge. The holes closest to the bottom of the mast actually go into the bottom cap or mast step and hold really well the top 2 have a much thinner wall of aluminum so you have to be careful not to over tighten them. Be careful drilling so as not to drill into the circular indent of the mast step and I cut the lower to bolts down some so they would not hit the indent for the mast step on the inside. I also used a thin layer of marine grade epoxy putty between the hinge and the mast itself. It seems to be very strong. You may only get one off a busted mast if you don't have one at all.

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  • Let me check what I have... I may have an extra blade.


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  • see my sails for sale post I have 2 p18 mains


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