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Cat Storage - Volusia County Beachs - FL  Bottom

  • Anyone know whether you can leave your boat on the beach in volusia county FL? I cannot find anything that either says yeah or Nah.

    Any help would be apperciated. Cheers

  • I would not, have seen guys looking for rigging that went "missing" from their cats left on the beach. Or drunks taking their party to the beach and use your boat for a bonfire. Tempting but I wouldnot do it, rather invest in cat-trax and haul down to the water.

    G-Cat 5.0
  • We do it all the time here in Dunedin Florida. For years it has been done. Many of us leave the boats fri and sat nights. Some have left boats for weeks! (this is not cool, but has been done.)

    There are local (retiree's who live near the beach whom complain to the cops and cause grief for us).

    There has recently been a cop driving around warning us that he will conceder boats left on the cuaseway abandoned and will tow our boats. I have listened to him and not left my boat out (for the most part unless there are many boats out there).

    It was recently pointed out to me that there are signs stating "No overnight Parking Allowed without a Permit" but it is unclear if this applies to cars and boats. I know people have been denied permits, and others said the police HQ didn't even know what these "permits" were about....

    Still others claim to have gone to city council meetings to discuss this topic and were told no one will be towed without warning...

    We all know we take the risk of squall lines blowing through (we recently had 4 boats flip on a Sunday morning) and we all know there is a risk of vandalism (thankfullu we live / sail in a pretty good area and it hasn't happened in years).

    We do occasionally find beer bottles in our tramp pockets, and I have even heard of condoms found on the trampolines.. but our causeway is "closed at 11pm" and cops do partroll the area

    I would suggest:
    Call your local police and ask them
    Ask the other local cat sailors what they do
    If you do leave it.. go to ACE Hardware (or similar) and purchase 2, 12" tree augers and tie your boat down with them every time (in the summer) because you never know when a thunderstorm will pop up and damage your cat with a burst of wind

    I also use a bike cable and lock my wheels and boat to my trailer. This will make it much harder to steal, tow, get washed away with the tide and deter some vandals from pushing your boat in the water for fun (we had a friends boat pushed in the gulf, with the wheels under it).

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