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Thicker grommet on replacement sail  Bottom

  • I purchased a new sail for the Dart 18 from Whirlwind. The grommet at the top of the sail is thicker than the opening on the halyard ring. The halyard ring looks like this, exception mine has a spring loaded bar that flips down to lock: https://www.sailcenter.com/14410-large_default/endart-18-main-halyard-ringfrdart-18-anneau-de-hook-de-grande-voilede-dart-18-grofallringnl-dart-18-grootzeilval-ring-ws02108.jpg

    I tried simply bending the hook open enough to accept the new sail, but then the bar doesn't clear far enough to close. Any thoughts on a solution?

    Dana, Holly, Emma & Hannah

    LJ/Stu's Dart 18
  • I have the same halyard ring as in your photo on my Dart 20 and I bought a whilwind mainsail in December 2020 and it fits perfectly. I've never seen a halyard ring like the one you described. Maybe get a halyard ring like the one you have pictured? Or do away with the spring loaded bar. What purpose does the spring loaded bar serve?

    Dart 20
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    I've had this problem in the past. I hammered the grommet to be a bit flatter and allow the shackle icon_smile

    @boatbore - I think he means that instead of a screw pin, the shackle has a pin with a clever end that self-locks. I've had them on other boats.

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