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Prindle 16 trap line position  Bottom

  • I am working on a boat with ports (my previous P16 did not have ports) and the manual says if you're using a single trap that it should be attached to a block forward of the port, which seems kind of counterintuitive, as that location is farther away from where you'd normally sit, and puts the shroud in between you and the trap wire. What's the reasoning here?

  • You're right, it makes no sense. I have a single trap wire just about an inch aft of the shroud. I have a bullet block tied real close to the shroud adjuster that the shock cord runs through. The shock cord goes through a grommet in the tramp. Works well, is easy to reach. The stock set up is too forward and is okay for crew, too far away for solo.

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.0
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