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Prindle 16 rudder casting  Bottom

  • The boat I'm working on has bolts (pins, really) in the rudder castings that my older boat did not have.

    They are hex head on one end with a split ring on the other end, and sit horizontally right above the rudder lines. The Prindle manual doesn't even show this piece of hardware in the pics of the rudder castings. What are these for?

  • Any chance it was an owner modification? I can't see what it would do unless it was holding the aluminum tube into the housing instead of the rivet.

    Prindle 16 (early version, no ports)
  • Hi

    Yeah, that's what I am thinking now. I can only guess that it was done to hold down the up/down lines. Thanks.

  • Sorry - the anonymous login got me.

  • My Prindle castings have horizontal hex bolts to act as a turning point for the up/down lines. I have gotten rid of the original system and reconfigured it to a line down system.


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