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Registering boats in Florida  Bottom

  • Having a hard time to register and title a Hobie 18 in Fl. The boat was once titled here , but was eventually sold to a person in Georgia. That person never registered or titled the boat.Now I bought the boat and brought it back to Fl. I do have a notorized bill of sale.Anyone know any loopholes or suggestions.
  • You can take it to a judge and he can assign it to you if you have history and proof, you can take it to fwc and they will investigate and may issue you a title if they believe you and it doesn't come up as stolen, or you can do like almost every othere legacy sailor in florida and just sail it and never think about it again. I owned 2 hobies and 3 mysteres in florida and none were registered nor titled

    never saw a skipper hassled nor ticketed in my 20 + years of sailing in the gulf / dunedin causeway... and i am talking close to 1500 days on the water
  • QuoteI owned 2 hobies and 3 mysteres in florida and none were registered nor titled

    I've lived here since '95 and have owned 5 beach cats during that time and none were registered.

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.0
  • I bought a 15 footer specifically to avoid the question. icon_biggrin
  • In AL (not an even comparison), I reached out to the State Marine Police and they ran the HIN in their database to show that it has never been registered and is not stolen. Then they gave me a letterhead to take to the DMV to allow me to register the boat. The cool part was my initials became the last two digits.
    This of course could backfire if it was previously registered and you don't have bill of sales recording the transaction back to that owner.
    Conversely, In AL the marine police don't seem to care about tiny sport boats and by in large (I have owned 24 boats with maybe two ever registered) never stop me asking for papers. YMMV.
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  • I am willing to guess that "wilging" is either spam or just doesn't know how to give credit for my post.

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