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  • I have a 20' trimaran with a beachcat-sized rig. I need new sails, my jib is torn and my main is 25 years old and pretty blown out. So I thought I'd look for some beachcat sails in decent shape for the main at least, but most ads just list the kind of boat, not the sail dimensions. The dimensions of my main are:

    Luff 26' 7"

    Foot 8'

    Fully battened like a beachcat, moderate roach.

    The boom and gooseneck are kind of janky too, so if a new sail had a slightly shorter foot that would be ok, I'll build a new boom. More roach or a square top would be ok.

    What classes should I be looking at for a 26' to 26' 7" luff on a main, anyone know off the top of their heads?

    And relatedly, once I get a main I need a new jib which I think I just have to have made, the jib is a lot bigger than a beachcat jib. Who would you go to in the Houston/Galveston area for a new jib for a boat like this?

  • I have a Prindle 18 sail for sale
    26,75 luff 7.67 foot sounds ideal!


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  • If you do a brand new jib - I had good luck with C&C (Butch). He's very attentive/responsive. Good prices too.

    I have a spare Tornado main, if you're interested in one fairly cheap. But, it has a luff of 28.8 feet and foot of 7.92 feet; maybe a bit too big.

    As far as dimensions, you can get a few off the Sailrite web site; there are a TON of boats in the list and SOME limited information from sites like sailboat data, etc.


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  • Is your jib fractional or masthead rigged?

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  • I think all beach cats are fractional, or at least most.

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  • Approximate Sizes of Potential Beachcat Mains:
    Prindle 18 26.75 x 7.7
    Prindle 18-2 Similar to P18
    Hobie 18 26 x 8.5
    Hobie 17 26 x 7.3

    There are likely other boats in the 17 to 19 ft range that would work - Nacra 5.2 or 5.5 or 5.7.

    For the jib, Prindle 19, Tornado, and Hobie 18 are the biggest you'd typically find. Once you decide on your main, a sailmaker could advise on an appropriate jib that would best balance the main. You'd want to correlate the boat's center of lateral resitance with the sailplan's center of effort. Besides the area of the sails, you can modify the center of effort through the rake of the mast. You can modify the center of resistance through the position of the centerboard. If you have a daggerboard, that's not really an option.

    I'd go with a local sailmaker, provided he can provide the sail in a reasonable timeframe.

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