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Help!!! ScatCat catamaran?  Bottom

  • I was given a ScatCat that is in AMAZING shape from a buddy in CA (it’s now home in CO). It’s essentially a 12’ catamaran that breaks down into 2 hulls and all the rigging (beams w/ tramp, 3 piece mast, rudders/tiller) go inside the hulls.

    The hulls are immaculate, the sail PRISTINE. Looks like it maybe saw water a handful of times.

    The ownership story is vague, my buddy gave it to me, it was given to him procured through a home sale and it was left behind. The hardware, shrouds and forestay all missing.

    I’ve sourced some hobie 14/16 parts to attach the rigging too and I can fabricate up the shrouds/stay. What I can’t for the life of me figure out is how to rigging attaches to the mast. The 3 pieces sleeve in together w/ carbon fiber stops. There is an oval on the top most (“third”) section and when it’s sleeved to the stop the oval is just a hole maybe 0.5” in diameter.

    Maybe some kind a T slot fitting?

    I’ve looked EVERYWHERE online trying to find out anything about these boats. Anyone have a lead on one, know someone who owns one I can chat with, or seen one? I can find a few snapshots online, 1 YouTube sailing video and a few forum posts.
  • Congratulations on waiting seventeen years for your first post! prost

    Create an album and share some pictures.

  • Hahaaa, I didn’t even remember setting up an account! I went to sign up and it said I already had one. I’ll totally set up an album and try to compile some info here. I’ve also got a 20’ custom build running a H16 rig that’s a ton of fun. I’ll build an album for that too

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