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half harness vs. full harness for recreational sailing  Bottom

  • Can't make up my mind. I want to be as comfortable as possible, both on and off the wire. Opinions?
  • This is a tough one. Comfort is the main thing. I have owned both types and one of my favorites was a sailboard harness which I shouldn't have sold with the boat. Whatever type you decide on, a spreader bar is more comfortable, and a keeper pin will reduce the chances of a dumb accident. I am currently using a half harness for the following reasons: Summertime where I live is super-hot and after I rig my boat I'm dying, so the last thing I want to do is put on something that makes me hotter. I'm never on the wire long enough at any one time to need the back support from a full harness. A half harness is much more stowable. If the wind lightens up a bit, I just roll it up and put it in the bag. Depending on your PFD and/or harness you may find the half harness more compatible with your PFD. A half harness will give your abbs some workout if you're prone to leaning way back in the puffs. If you're buying from a retail outlet, try them on, especially if they have a line somewhere where you can suspend yourself and see how it really feels with your full weight on it. One last thing, if money is no object, consider a full harness PFD combination, especially if you think you'll ever do some serious racing.

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.0
  • What a great response - exactly the kind of opinion I was looking for. I am leaning towards the Murrays half harness with the MM quick release spreader bar. Unfortunately, Murrays is the only outlet I'm aware of that's even somewhat close to me, and at over 350 miles round-trip, I am just going to have to order online and hope for the best. I really appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks again!
  • I just received My Murrays half harness with the MM spreader bar. I have only done a hang test in it so far,
    but found it easy to put on and surprisingly comfortable with lots of back support from the battens. I believe
    that I will really like it.

    A quick note on the quick release hook. I wanted to know if the pin would be easy to pull when loaded, so I pulled it out while hanging and to my surprise I just hung there. I had to grab the hook and give it a yank to get it to release from the pins it sits on. Not a big deal but I would rather know ahead of time that it might not just fall off.


    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    AHPC Viper,Nacra I20,P18, P16,H16
  • Good to know, thanks Pete.
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