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Mystere 21' $600 MI  Bottom

  • Sounds like a Mystere 6.0XL
  • Interesting. I thought Mystere's had vertical bows. I'm not familiar with the older models. This is definitely an old model of something looking at the beams. They are similar to the 70s Tornado beams.


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  • Looks very very Tornado-ish. Beams and bows.
  • The “ZV” in the HIN makes it a Mystere, a 1984.
    The rudders are definitely Mystere, same castings as were on my 6.0.
    My 2000, 6.0XL had vertical bows, but I’ve seen several Mystere with that type bow. They weren’t as big, 16-17’ IIRC, & from earlier years.
    If I were selling it, I’d certainly use better, & more photos.

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