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Nacra 570 Question (and indirectly Nacra 500 Q)  Bottom

  • Looking at buying a Nacra 500, but had also considered a 570 - they seem similar save for a 2ft longer hull.

    However, the specs say the draft on a 500 is 0.5ft, and the 570 is 1.5ft. Is that correct? I plan on beach sailing a fair amount, with relatively shallow depths near the shoreline. I would think it would be a bit more difficult with the 570, no?

    Also, and other thoughts on the two as options for a 160# single sailor?

  • There is something wrong with the specs pertaining to the draft of those two boats. Maybe they're referring to with and without rudders down. Don't be concerned about it, whatever the difference is, it's negligible, the important thing is the lack of boards, especially when single handing off the beach. I owned a N500 for several years and at 150 lbs I would not want to be on anything more powerful when the whitecaps start. I have owned several larger boats over the years and when sailing alone I was often very limited because of too much wind. And don't forget the larger boat will be harder to right from capsize. I recently downsized from a 5.7 to a 5.0 even though the profile says different, I just haven't bothered to change it. But I'm glad I did (most of the time). You'll just have to ask yourself how often you'll be alone. And also keep in mind the 500 is no slouch, even with two, it just takes more wind. Best solution: Get them both!

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.7
  • That makes more sense to me - the hulls dont look that different to have such a dramatic difference in draft. The data came from sailboatdata.com

    Thanks, and I miss sailing off the coast of Sarasota - lived there for many years.
  • We have both. They are the same draft, use the same rudder blades, probably a typo on sailboat data.
    They are virtually the same effort to right. In lighter wind, I need a bag. At about 20mph, as long as you get the mast upwind, (normally that’s how they drift), I can plank my 172lb out, & wind on the tramp will bring it up.
    Your athletic ability, age, predominant wind, & mostly, sailing ability determines the best fit.
    The 5.0 is slightly under canvassed in light winds, they really come to life in 15+
    It is surprising the speed difference in light winds.
    If your area sees mostly 10-15+, AND you mostly sail solo, MAYBE the 5.0 is the better choice, & would be for sure if you are limited ability and/or physical shape.
    Personally, if I could only have one, it would hands down be the N5.7. Get a righting bag, & If solo, on bigger days, don’t gybe. Stretch the sails, & travel out to depower. Bring a buddy, either is very easy to right with two, even if the 2nd is a skinny kid.
    Either one, the best upgrade is a furling jib.

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