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Installing new NACRA 5.0 Trampoline  Bottom

  • I am trying to install a new trampoline onto my 2001 NACRA 5.0 built by SLO. The trampoline all fits fine but I am trying to work out how to correctly lace/tighten the trampoline to the rear cross beam as the lacing arrangement is slightly different to my old one. Also some of the original movable lacing eyes which were originally fitted have broken over time and have I replaced them with fixed lacing eyes rivetted to the rear cross beam. However, some of these fixed lacing eyes are NOT now directly in line with the connection cut outs in the new sleeve of the trampoline where the tie-rod goes. First question, does anyone know a good video or written explanation of how to correctly lace a NACRA trampoline - I can't find one other than with "tie buttons" or bolts rather than with the sliding lacing eyes on my boat. This seems to create a problem as the lacing rope is always pulling the movable lacing eyes sideways when tensioned which in turn means the lacing rope is pulling sideways (rather than remaining in line with the attachment point on the tie-rod) into the trampoline mesh/sleeve which is going to tear in time. Second, is it simply a basic requirement that the fixed lacing eyes must be directly in line with each connection point on the tie-rod to correctly lace and tension the trampoline? Any advice/assistance gratefully received. Thank you

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