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New fiberglass sail boxes?  Bottom

  • Is anyone making new fiberglass sail boxes or sail tubes anymore?

    ‘92 H18 w/SX wings
    ‘95 Hobie Funseeker 12 (Holder 12)
    ‘96/‘01/‘14 Hobie Waves
  • Sailboxes.com makes fiberglass boxes. Quality is said to be good but pricey. I believe that Hobie discontinued the toybox but they can still be found at some dealers around $800. Seems like the UK and Australia are where most are still being built. As far as tubes, most source the pvc locally and make their own ends.
  • If I were to build from scratch again, I'd still use corrugated plastic/culvert pipe. Unfortunately, it's expensive from the building supply houses, but with any luck you can get cutoffs from a construction site with a little cash on hand or just asking. That's how I got mine. It's WAY lighter than the large diameter PVC pipe and can be cut really easily with a saber saw, etc. I ended up making sail shelves with mine after getting a "proper" fiberglass box used.

    Guess there's not much market in the US for the full sized FG boxes. But, a benefit of the corrugated culvert/drain pipe is that it's insulated, being hollow and doesn't sweat near as much. That's why I never leave anything in my FG box overnight.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • QuoteThat's why I never leave anything in my FG box overnight.

    For ventilation you can drill a group of holes in the FG box and add vents. a small drill bit, some patio screen, and a dab of rubber cement is all you need
    OR you can go to west marine (et al) and buy a small vent grill (or one for each side) and add a vent, i recommend the patio screen for either method to keep the small critters out

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