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EVA on hull  Bottom

  • The new Nacras have foam going down the outside of the hull. I am ready to put some on my hulls. Does anyone know precisely how far down the factory foam goes? My guess is 6 inches? Thanks


    Nacra 5.0
  • John,

    It depends a lot on the hull shape. The newer Nacras have a body line high on the hull that makes the foam appear to extend quite far down the hull. Most cats like my viper and I20 have a sharp transition and the factory non-skid only extends approximately 3 inches down the hull. Hope this helps.



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    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    AHPC Viper,Nacra I20,P18, P16,H16
  • Joyrider TV posted this video recently that might be helpful to you


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