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Nacra 6.0NA Bridle Foil Tang  Bottom

  • Hello everyone, I am in the process of restoring a 2003 Nacra 6.0NA and in the process of doing fiberglass work and repairs and prepping the boat for rigging once the fiberglass and gelcoat are done I found that the bow tang for the bridle foil was failing. Unfortunately this appears to be glassed into the hull. Can anyone advise what the correct part is for this? I see two or three possible parts at Murrays:


    I have removed the deckplate in prep for removing the broken tang and installing a replacement. I wish they followed the same design as the main shrouds where there are 3 screws securing the chainplate / tang. I have added quite a few photos of the work so far. I appreciate any input anyone can offer as I would love to get this boat built back strong and back to sailing

    Album is here:
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