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Nacra Inter 20 vs Nacra Infusion Mark I  Bottom

  • How do these two boats differ in performance and sailing fun?
  • Both boats are modern, high performance, spinnaker equipped catamarans capable of providing plenty of sailing fun! The Nacra 20 is the more powerful of the two, and therefore the better choice if sailing in a light air venue. It also carries weight better, as it was designed for two average male adults in the 360-420lb range. The Infusion F18 is probably a tad quicker, with a more modern hull shape and rig allowing for more efficient performance. If racing, I would opt for the Infusion, as the class is active with many regattas to choose from, including a World Championship in the U.S this year! The Nacra 20 class is effectively dormant, though we are keeping the boats alive locally with a refreshed (non-decksweeper) sail plan from Glaser. In the end, I think it comes down to the condition of the two boats. Many Nacra 20's are getting older and starting to suffer from structural failures. On the flip side, many Infusion Mk. 1's are also getting older and have been sailed quite hard. The Mk. 1 Infusions are also prone to seam failure; the earlier C2's (~prior to 2015) are also prone to seam failure, having been built in the same factory. For that reason alone I would be shopping for an Infusion Mk. 2, though they have been getting harder to find.
  • Depends on where you're sailing and what kind of sailing you're doing. If for just recreation... I would take the N20

    My only issue with the N20 was the rear beam slapping against the water when it got a little rough.. Other than that it is a Cadillac.

    The older Nacra F18 and Infusion are good boats too.

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA

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