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Worrell 1000 2022 New Logo and Press Release  Bottom

  • Received this from the organizers, they have updated the old logo to change from a Hobie 16 style catamaran to one with a spinnaker. I posted both the old and new versions of the logo on TheBeachcats.com Facebook Page Here https://www.facebook.com/thebeachcats

    I'll add them to this topic as well.

    For Immediate Release:

    The 2022 Worrell 1000 Race Unveils New Event Logo

    For those salt-crusted sailors who have known about, followed or even competed in the legendary Worrell 1000 race, the Michael Worrell-created logo stands as one of the most recognized in the small-cat sailing world. Born from a bar bet between Michael and his brother Chris in 1974, the race is approaching its 50th year anniversary. And although the event did not take place during each and every one of those 50 years, it has stood not only the test of time, but endured many format changes, growing pains, logistical and planning issues, and more than its fair share of drama.

    From that 1st race between just the Worrell brothers in 1974 to its larger, more organized formats through 1984 - the race was exclusively run on Hobie 16 catamarans. As the race grew in popularity, and in turn, in the number of boats competing, it became increasingly clear that a spinnaker boat was better suited to this arduous, open-ocean event. As the race moved away from its 24-hour continuous format to the spectator-friendly checkpoint-to-checkpoint racing, it became clear that faster, powerful boats were more exciting. From 1986 to 2002 the race required 20’ catamarans, with some modified class boats allowed through 1999. Spinnaker boats made for easier event planning, as boats were able to run each leg faster and reach the individual checkpoints in plenty of time for the teams to have the opportunity to get in a comfortable shower and enjoy a nice meal, drinks and camaraderie with fellow sailors.

    With the event resurrected in 2019 with just three boats competing after a 17-year hiatus, the Worrell 1000 this May welcomes seventeen teams representing 6 different countries - All being sailed on the only boat allowed: F18 catamarans. With that, the logo has been updated to include the modern boat design, though not straying far from the nostalgic, original format.

    There will be other new and exciting elements to the race this May as well. The winning team will now be honored with a Champion’s Perpetual Trophy, and all competitors will have the chance to be named the recipient of the new sportsmanship award that will also be perpetual, and will bear the name of our fallen sailor and Worrell alumni, Sandra Tartaglino - taken from us far too soon. Several sponsored Social Events will host the competitors and event staff from restaurants and businesses that are equally excited to see the race return. And the event brings back its hey-day tradition of a formal awards banquet that will take place the day after racing commences, with a program to include honoring another Worrell competitor and prior champion who we lost in a tragic plane crash in July of 1983 - Ron Anthony.

    For more information regarding the event, please visit our official website at:

    And be sure to follow the Worrell on Facebook, where live feeds will be broadcast daily during the event:

    Twitter: @Worrell1000
    Insta: @w1krr

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • Here is the old and new logo.



    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • I like the old one better. Roots.


    Master UniRig Sailor
  • Monday start

    14 boats entered.

    I may have to take a road trip across the state.
  • The teams.

    Team Skipper Crew
    1 Team Outer Banks Hardy Peters James Eaton
    2 Way of Life Stefan Rumpf André Hauschke
    3 Team Sonnenklar Jared Sonnenklar David Cerdas
    4 Team Australia Rod Waterhouse Chris Way
    5 The Clean Sailors Christopher Green Matthieu Manfaing
    6 Team Netherlands Gerard Loos Fred Sarafin
    7 Cat in the Hat Larry Ferber Zack Panetti
    8 Team Allen William Sunnucks Mark Self
    9 Team Rudee's Randy Smyth Dalton Tebo
    10 Big Cat Rescue Chad Freitas Cameron Biehl
    11 Team Restream Philippe Bettler Mike Beuerlein
    12 Rocket 88 Racing Brendan Busch Jeremy Boyette
    13 Team Recreational8 Craig Van Eaton TBD
    14 Team Fast Forward Composites Tommy Gonzalez Sam Ingham
  • "I like the old one better. Roots."

    Take a look at BeachCat History Photo Album and the new Worrell 1000 article.

    I tried but couldn't get them into a post.
  • Randy Smyth takes the lead.

    Place Team Elapsed Time
    1 Team Rudee's 06:28:25
    2 Team Fast Forward Composites 06:53:33
    3 Team Australia 06:57:04
    4 The Clean Sailors 06:59:45
    5 Team Allen 07:04:11
    6 Team Sonnenklar 07:04:42
    7 Rocket 88 Racing 07:12:38
    8 Team Restream 07:22:10
    9 Team Outer Banks 08:20:02
    10 Way of Life 08:52:36
    11 Recreational8 09:38:41
    12 Cat in the Hat 10:24:20
    13 Team the Netherlands 11:19:48
  • What is happening to the boats? I know it's a brutal slog right now up the coast, but the pictures of the carnage is surprising! Is it just the wave action that's breaking them up? Like, the boats are designed for high performance/light weight under ideal conditions and can't take what their given through the race?

    Gotta give these sailors props for endurance, man!

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • 20 to 30 on the nose and 6 to 10 seas.

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