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I almost sank  Bottom

  • The story started here, when I dismasted:
    At 1:17 you can see how the daggerboard was pulled from the security line that I attach to the shroud with a carabiner. (Lesson learned: now it's a bungee).
    I didn't realize that the daggerboard had made a crack inside the hull, so after repairing all the rest I tested the boat yesterday, with the following results:
    Fortunately it's easy to repair.
  • Well, I'm glad it's not just me! Glad you made it back.

    Bryan in Poplar Grove, IL
    Supercat 17, unknown year. Future project
    Hobie 16, 1977 - died a spectacular death https://youtu.be/Y7O22bp2MVA
    Hobie 16, 1978 - current boat
  • Ouf!! Glad you got it back to the beach!
  • waiex191Well, I'm glad it's not just me! Glad you made it back.


    Great soundtrack !!!
    QuoteFortunately it's easy to repair.

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