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How To Endear Yourself To Any Race Committee - Pro Tips  Bottom

  • Happy Friday all. From our August regatta, no wind so I just drove by the Race Committee boat to talk trash. Here are a few quips to throw at the Race Committee so as to get them on your side, maybe overlook an over early etc.. You're welcome.

    1. You call that a course!

    2. My Grandma could square a line better than that!

    3. That's not the correct class flag!

    4. Got an extra brewski?


    Hobie 16 (3 formerly)
    MacGregor 25 (formerly)
    Chrysler Dagger 14 (formerly)
    NACRA 5.0 (currently)
    High Point, NC
  • 5. Did someone forgot to turn on the fan before leaving the shore again?

    6. Can I get a tow back in?

    7. Who wants to get wet??!?!

    Nacra 20
    Prindle 18-2 (in AZ)
    Nacra 20 (in cali)
    Prindle 19 (in florida)
    Prindle 16 (in AZ)
    Solcat18 (hopefully in the bottom of a lake)
  • 8. What are you waiting for?

    9. You screwed up my time..... again!!!

    10. There is NO WAY I hit that mark... are you blind?

    11. What are you still waiting for?

    12. I was not over early...

    13. What do you mean I'm black flagged?


    Prindle 18-2 Mod "FrankenKitty"
    Tornado Classic "Fast Furniture"
    Prindle 19 "Mr. Wiggly" - gone
    Nacra 5.8 "De ja vu"
    Nacra 5.0
    Nacra 5.8
    Tornadoes (Reg White)
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