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  • History: I used to have a semi clapped out h18 magnum. Honestly loved it but at the time I didn't have anyone to consistently go with and I was afraid it was going to require more money than I had available at the time. So I sold it. Had it for maybe 2 years. Used it on our lake a few dozen times.

    Fast forward now. I have an amazing partner. We plan on buying a cruising cat or tri in 10-15 years. She wants to learn to sail now, This is amazing to me, and it has rekindled a flame in me. I still have a ton to learn myself but this is exciting.

    I know my partner and she is going to get addicted to it. We do have 2 little ones who are with us half the time.

    Our budget is going to be around 6k. I think my biggest question is, what is too much boat for a beginner. I loved my hobie 18. But I feel like I need to open up to other possibilities due to wanting to find as good condition as I can.

    Almost forgot we plan on mainly sailing on lake, but trailering to the ocean when we have long weekends.

    Hope I didn't leave anything out, doing this on phone and in a rush on break.


    Long story short I think I just need to be told directly if a tiger or xxxxx is too much for us even if its in amazing condition. Lol

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  • An F18 or a recreational 18 ft cat is not too much for 2 adults, your experience with a H18 seems good enough to me.
  • If you plan to sail with the little ones I would recommend another H18 with wings or a getaway. An F18 will be cramped with all on board. If it will mostly be the 2 of you then you can find a nice F18 in your price range. You will have to learn to depower it until you get used to it, but I am all about recreational sailing on race boats. Others will disagree with me.

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  • I find my H18 is much more forgiving than the 16. I sail it quite conservatively solo. Usually, great sailing days are not great power boating days and vice=versa. I put a tennis ball attached to the top of the mast on a 2-3ft chord. If i go over, (VERY RARE), I flag down a power boater. I have them lift up on the chord, then, just hand over hand "Walk" the mast up towards my hulls. It comes up quick, and they feel good about helping. If I see them at one of the lakeside watering holes, a round of drinks is in order.

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