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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for some catamaran recommendations. I've been the proud owner of a 1979 hobie 16 that I have fixed up. I've been sailing it for the past 3 years. I've got about 30 hours of sailing time under my belt as well as some small local races. I'm looking to expand my horizons a bit and go with something a bit more performance oriented. I'm 25 about 90kg (200lbs) and mostly sail single handed (70% of the time). My current boat is in pretty good shape and could do well reselling it as I got it for a bargan. My budget would be about 6K.

    I'm not hard set on a class boat so any and all recommendations are welcome. What would a good next boat be after a hobie 16? What are some things I should be considering as a novice who has some sailing experience under there belt?

    Edit: I should mention that I sail on smaller lakes but would like the ability to sail on some of the great lakes.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Check out the classified ads. Anything interest you? There are tons of choices.
  • Right now im looking at hobie tiger f18's but my concern is that they are a lot to handle by myself. I've also been looking into Nacra 5.7 SL. I think I would like something with a spinnaker.
  • late 80's 5.5. 5.7 models would be a good performance boost
    nacra, mystere, gcat come to mind but there are others

    possibly a used f18 but that is a huge step up in control lines and complexity to make it move (on simple cats like a h14/16/prindles too) you can have most of your control lines set wrong and still move, the more complex the control lines the harder to make it move correctly or at all :)
  • I single hand my 5.8 most of the time. It's a bit of a bear on the beach, but easy with beach wheels. You are quite a bit younger and a bit bigger than me so I'm sure you can handle it. 5.8's can be had for just a little more than an old Hobie 16 and it's a lot more boat.

    1987 Nacra 5.8
    1978 Isotope (sold)
  • The catamarans recommended above all have deep hulls with hydrodynamic bows that are capable of actually running in and under the water without a pitch-pole and mostly sport double trapeze sets and nearly 30 foot masts. It blows the mind of a Hobie sailor when they get on a NACRA and the bow dives in a wave and rooster-tails off the front beam, and the boat just keeps driving. These boats all feel more stable and have bigger sail plans and better handling than the H16, but few have the numbers for one-class sailing. I have enjoyed many ears out of my N 5.7. The boats with spinnakers are more complex and will require crew to fly a kite, but lots of fun. Beach wheels are essential with the bigger boats, and many sales include wheels and the trailer. Have fun with your search.

    NACRA 5.7 (1984 Sail 181)
  • F16 class boat ... best of all worlds. One up, main only with spinnaker. It is a great ride.


    Blade F-16
    Hobie Tiger
    Hobie 14
    Corsair F-242
    Mirage 25

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