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H14 Hull Deck Repair  Bottom

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently received an H14 from a neighbor who was in the process of moving. I'm new to sailing and Hobie Cats and took it not knowing much at all but with the excitement of fixing it up and learning to sail it around our local lake. Initially I was hoping to only buy a new tramp and some rigging and get on the lake soon to start learning but upon closer inspection, there's a hole just ahead of the front left pylon on the deck. For size, I can put my fist through the flap of fiberglass as it folds inward. Where do I start with this hole repair or is it even worth repairing? and the bigger questions, how unsafe is it to sail with it this way?


  • A hole in the deck the size of your fist? Definitely not safe to sail. The hull will quickly flood with water. The deck structure is also compromised and could cause the hull to collapse. I would check both hulls for other signs of damage, soft spots, or deterioration. If the boat is otherwise in good shape, it may be worth repairing, but it is a fairly involved process including fixing the inner and outer fiberglass skins as well as the foam core. Start by checking out some of the This Old Hobie repair articles in the Hotline. Maybe post some pics as well.



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