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P19 swarmed by bees in Mug Race  Bottom

  • So some local guys on a P19 got towed in and as the story went around it was hard to believe. When the wind dropped in the middle of the race an entire hive of bees swarmed the top of their mast and wouldn't leave. They jumped in the water to hide and then capsized the boat to try and get rid of them but then they just started swarming the shroud. Apparently a bee keeper was called to assist and the whole tow into the finish the bees were still on the boat with them... They took a lower quality video and a photo which I uploaded.

    Something to keep in mind when you think your race is going bad...it''s probably not as bad as bees lol


  • wow. i think it's great they wanted to take the bees go for a sail

    we need to do everything we can to assist the bees these days

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  • Amazing, just when you think you've seen (and done) everything that can go wrong during a race!

    When bees swarm the queen is looking for a new home, it's something watching a beekeeper round them up. Once he gets the queen they all follow. I know a local beekeeper and he's always reminding people to call him if they see a swarm. Free bees for him!

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  • poor bees, just looking for somewhere to go, but instead they get dunked in the water
  • If that isn't the craziest damn thing... Well, at least we now know that the bees know: The place to be is on the wire.

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  • I thought I’d seen it all when a nest of just fledged purple martins landed on my sail & stays. Their housing is on my dock, & just after I left for a leisurely light wind cruise, they all launched from their house. The new fledglings, quickly tiring on their first flight saw something familiar, (they can see the boat from their gourd), & landed. I slowly went into irons, & after a brief rest they left.
    The good thing about swarming honey bees is they are not aggressive, as they are not defending a territory.
    A neighbor a few houses down the lake has bees. When they went to swarm, he simply walked out, sans any protective equipment, & “rounded them up”, & moved them into a new hive, which he relocated.
    I know I would not be that cavalier.

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  • It’s quite clear what happen

    They had a sweet ride

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