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Hydration pack for long distance cat sailing?  Bottom

  • We're about to do a long distance (40 nm) race. In recent longish races (20nm+) at times we were desperate for a drink of water; but our cat is pretty hands on -- a Nacra 15 FCS, so unstable foiler, lots of splashes, all the time "on".

    There's just not enough spare hands to get that bottle of water out of its strap on the crossbeam, open the cap, drink.

    I'm mulling a small hydration pack per sailor. Has anyone tried something similar? What works? What doesn't? I'm sure the Florida 300 and Worrell folks must have thoughts on this...
  • We used to wear camelback pouches while skiing and biking. may work on a catamaran


  • Sewed a 100 oz camelback onto the back of our PFD. Fill it 1/2 way the night before with gatorade, freeze it, and top off with water the next morning. provided cool relief all day, and the frozen part helped you pace your drinking throughout the day.
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