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H18 sail on H18SX/square top or not/options,opinions,ahoy  Bottom

  • Thought about picking up a used 18 sail.... Rig it in the yard and see if there are any red flags. My 2 reasons are 18 sails are so much easier to come by,plus if it pulls the boom up the extra bit due to longer SX mast thats a win( 3 kiddos under 10 ). I'm sure at some point soon though I'll pull the trigger on a new custom sail from Chip or slo canvas. Both have said they've actually made custom sails for a 18 to go boomless. I've spent a lot of time researching and have had zero luck if it's actually possible, pro's con's etc.. I'm still on the fence about square top or not too. All of my sailing is on smaller lakes, zero concerns about racing and having Hobie spec'd rig..all leisure and fun with bambinos :mrgreen:

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