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H18 Wings on an H20?  Bottom

  • Anyone know if some Hobie 18 wings will fit on a Hobie 20? Maybe H18 SX wings?

    I found these on Ebay, seems like a pretty good deal. Not sure if they'll fit though.

  • I know it’s been done. But sadly the guy I know has passed.

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  • The description in the ad you linked is kind of sketchy, but appears to just be for covers (and maybe wing tramps?), not the actual wings.


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  • Yeah. I think you are right. Still trying to figure out if they'll fit though.
  • DogboyThe description in the ad you linked is kind of sketchy, but appears to just be for covers (and maybe wing tramps?), not the actual wings.

    Correct, if you scroll down the ad states NO WING FRAMES INCLUDED.

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  • Pretty sure I’ve seen H18 wings on a 20, but it would certainly take some customizing. The SX wings would probably be your best bet because the wing seat and the support arms are separate parts that are riveted together, so you could adjust the position of the support arms to match the crossbar spacing on the 20 and re-rivet them where you need them. On the Magnum wings, they are all one piece, so adjusting the spacing would be difficult if not impossible.

  • search this site for hobie 20 snuffer, you will see a pic of tigerberard boat, text me at 229-561-3676 and ill send you info on how to do the job including pics. I did a top notch job.
  • Yeah, that listing is just for the covers. Also, what's shown is a 17 - the wings are inserted into the holes in the hull rather than bolted to the crossbeams, as on the 18.

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  • We need a decent, home-grown solution for adding wings to boats or retrofitting the ones that plug in (like mine). I'm thinking using the commonly available 1.5" anodized handrail pipe (1.9" O.D.), which just so happens to be 6061 T-6 and reasonably priced. Combine that with a hydraulic pipe bender, maybe...? 'Cause this is the last time I'm getting in to repair these wing sockets...of course I've only repaired them once each so far, so, yeah. The fold-up wings just are so much easier, save time and seem to be more reliable/robust.

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  • Sorry for the late reply, haven't been here for a while. 18 wings WILL fit a H20, with some fiddling. I think there were maybe 3 of these in the US. Search the photos on this site for "H20M". The wings fit in front of each beam on the 18; they fit in between the beams on a 20. The back bolts right in place (after you add a longer bolt and the wing hold-down bracket); you'll need to cut a hole in the tramp and add a bolt to the front beam. The front brace tube on the wing will also have to be modified. The 18SX wings would probably work better here than the welded assembly on the regular Magnum wings. Pretty sure I still have a how-to writeup that's too big to put here.

    Chris H20M

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