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where do you keep a cat near Point Judith RI  Bottom

  • I am headed to a wedding in Charlestown in August 2021, plan on staying for a week and doing some sailing during my stay, does anyone know where I can keep a cat for a few days around Point Judith, RI. the internet has not been very helpful in finding any info.
  • The only spot in RI that I am aware of anyway, and MAY be able to accommodate you would be Sail Newport down in Newport, RI. Overnight storage in that part of the world outside of a regatta or formal yacht club is a challenge.
  • Reach out to Dave at RI Hobie Fleet 448.org. He may be able to help you network with a Charlestown member. The "Ocean State" does not have public launches suitable for beach cats on the west side of the bay that are super welcoming outside of town residents. Some beach launch sites require a special use permit. A Charlestown "Townie" might help you with a secret spot, or an oceanside resident who may let you leave your boat on their stretch of beach for a week?

    McGrews Boats is also a Hobie dealer in Charlestown- They may be of some help?

    Good Luck

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