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Sailing Helmet- which brand / model ?  Bottom

  • Hi
    Anyone have experience with either the Forward WIP Sailing Helmet 2.0 or the Zhik H1 Helmet?
    The Forward is avail in one size (M/L) while the Zhik comes in three sizes (S,M,L)

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  • Not sure of the brand but i find this handles all my needs

    JK - a helmet on a cat is a very good idea - esp with a boom

    i have hit my head a few times but never too hard
    i have seen a very experienced sailor almost remove his head from his neck in a gybe - but he kind deserved it (he was drunk and belligerent while sailing my brand new 5.5 in heavy air - right Headhunter? ;)

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  • The Zhik has more adjustability. It comes with multiple pads to adjust the internal fit and a rotary adjustable head belt, similar to what you find in a construction helmet.


    disclaimer - I work for Zhik...
  • Gath helmets from Murray's Marine in California are great, but hard to keep in stock because the Coast Guard and military buy out the supply at times.

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  • I haven't looked at the Forward or Zhik, but I bought a Gath some years back because I really needed the full face visor for the TriFoiler. You clip a wave at 35mph+, it rides along the top of the hull until it punches you right in the face, and at that speed you don't have time to close your eyes and mouth. Very disorienting.


    It's one of the things I don't like about the TF. When you're cat sailing the crew takes it in the ear for the skipper. Here the skipper blocks for the passenger in the back seat.

    Ah, I see. Neither the Zhik or the Forward have visors, so they wouldn't have been options for me. My use case is all about the face protection; a head hit isn't an issue.

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  • Just an option. Look at some "mountain bike helmets". Troy Lee Designs has some nice ones. Very similar in coverage and weight.
  • I picked up a Vihir watersports helmet on Amazon for $40 that works well.

    The Gul Evo helmet looks very similar for $33 at Watersports Outlet.

    This isn't to knock the Zhik or Forward WIP helmets which also work great, the Zhik has really good vertical visibility for looking at sails, but I would want to try them on first at that price point.

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  • Rooster has a new one coming out. I get my first batch in March Hopefully.

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