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  • Hello,
    Looks like I will be in the vicinity of the Grayton Beach area for the Thanksgiving break.
    Considering bringing my Tornado..but...any thoughts on the sailing conditions that time of year?
    Inland bays? Sailing along the coast?
    Never sailed in this area before...so doing some legwork to decide if its worth it.
    Yeah...fully knowing that I'm using a tilt trailer, and set-up is a little longer for a T compared to an H16 or such)

    Tornado USA 606
  • I've taken my H18 to Seagrove area, several times, during October. Conditions are great that time of year, but don't be shocked if you have a day with NO wind. All my sailing was on the coast. I've never sailed the inland bays. The only way it was possible for me was to take and use my beach wheels. I rigged/launched the day of arrival, at a beach access point - then sailed to the condo - about 2 miles. I used google maps to find a nearby beach access point close to the condo. You are not allowed to drive on the beach.

    Then, each day, at the end of the day, ordinances state, all objects on the beach must be taken to "the toe of the dune". Again, beach wheels are a must to move the boat to the edge of the dune - sometimes its pretty far and maybe up hill a bit. Each night, I furled my jib and took my main to the condo room. Worth it??? I trailered 500 miles and it's a complete pain in the ars to get the boat there, rigged and launched, then you gotta find a place for the trailer to sit - many condos don't allow trailers. Worth it???? Yep!!! If I had to rig and launch every day.... nope!

    Tim Young
    Hobie 18' + other stuff that floats and goes.
  • Thanks for the intel! Luckily I have a set of beach wheels to bring. I like the idea of leaving the boat rigged...minus the sails.
    Something to think about and inquire ahead of time.
    Again....sort of a quick decision to go.
    In a perfect world, we would rent a house right on the beach were I could have a view of the boat up on rollers.

    Tornado USA 606
  • not sure where you are coming from
    Looks an hours drive to ft walton beach
    tons of cat sailors up there and a sailing club
    maybe they offer short term mast up storage? so you could drive an hour each way but have great access

    i sail in the tampa area. thanksgiving is a great time but a mixed bag of weather - can be hot or cold - windy or total lack of -

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