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Overlapping Genoa instead of Jib? (Miracle)  Bottom

  • Anyone tried an overlapping Genoa instead of a Jib? My jib may need replacing relatively soon, and I'm tempted to try a genoa with overlap.. Maybe 120-125%?

    How do you think the upwind angle and low wind performance would change? Especially combined with a square top main?

    I don't intend to do class racing, and I don't intend to use it in over 18 kts, as I'd rather just kiteboard at that point.

    Hobie Miracle btw.

    I'm also working out plans for foils... Think a genoa would make this harder?
  • The jib on the H20 already has some overlap. Not sure on the percentage. I doubt putting on a larger jib is going to make a huge difference, probably slightly detrimental upwind and slight improvement off the wind. Of course if the sheeting angles on your new jib are off, it could just be detrimental all around.

    The recent design tendency with high performance boats has actually been to reduce the size of the jib - essentially just there to initiate and stabilize the flow over the main when going upwind. Then add a spinnaker to boost power downwind. Personally, I would just stick with the original jib design or look into adding a third sail, genoas are old school.

  • Hello,

    I downsized from H17 Super Jib (H17 SJ uses H18 jib/genoa) to the class size because it just fit my needs better (light air area and also moved from spin to code 0 as I often need to get back to beach upwind in whispers of air).

    I do point higher with the smaller jib and less line on deck which is also nice.

  • If going for foils, I recommend going down in size on the jib and also add a self-tacker...you're going to be busy foiling trying to manage jib sheets as well. BTW, in that arena you don't have too many choices for a boat as heavy as the Miracle 20, and I'm not sure the boat is stiff enough to handle them (most fiberglass boats aren't, the exception is probably the F18 as its overbuilt due to class rules). I would have gone for the Phantom Essential foil package if they were still in business, next best is the Nacra 17 package but you would be better off buying a used N17 Mk. 2 than trying to convert your boat...or an Infusion Mk. 3 which takes the N17 foils.

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  • Was thinking of custom building old style foils off the akas. They'd go diagonally into the water and be self-adjusting. There really isn't such a thing as too heavy to foil, you'll just have slower foils. I hadn't thought about the stiffness aspect... Hmm.

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