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Sail tube  Bottom

  • I was looking into a 12 inch piece of lined corrugated drain pipe as a sail tube. Its made by ADS IIRC The unlined stuff is pretty flimsy. I could use screw on 5 gal buck lids on the ends. Has anyone tried this?

    Superior in CT gets $175 for a 20 foot section. Between two buyers, thats a decent price.


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  • Is the lining smooth enough to not abrade your sails and rudders?
    Do you plan on putting a shelf/dividers inside?
    Can you make the lids seal well enough to keep water out while driving and storing?
    Will the usual sealants adhere to this material?
    Can it be painted white (or your favorite color)?
    Have you thought out attaching it to your trailer?
    Is 10 feet long enough to have a section at one end for tools, life jackets, etc?

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  • I would recommend PVC. My sail tube is simple, 10 inch diameter sealed off with buckets at each end, bungeed for travel. Long enough for the sails in the bag and other items that I want to stuff in there. Smooth inside, no worries, and bolted down to the trailer.

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  • Dual wall drainage pipe works great. Picked up a couple 15" cutoffs from a construction site. Turns out they are designed to plug into each other with a heavy duty gasket. The inside is smooth and slick. The Corrugated pipe will also take a large stainless band clamp for HVAC duct work that can be secured to wood, then clamped around the corrugation, locked into the slots. If I didn't get a large, locking sail box, I would have used it. However, it also works great to hang my main properly from the ceiling. The corrugated pipe is very stiff and relatively light.

    Search sail tube or the like and you'll find some decent projects on this site. It'll work either with large pvc or corrugated. Just go for it.

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