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Anybody in the midlands SC area willing to rent me their hobie trailer for a day?  Bottom

  • Hey Guys,
    First post here and about to buy my first Hobie. I have decided on the getaway as its the best fit for what i'm looking for. The only problem is the closest used one that i can find for sale is in orlando fl:( and of course doesn't come with a trailer....

    I live on lake murray so really don't need a trailer once I get it here. I know its a long shot but figured I would ask and see if there are any locals willing to help me out! Willing to pay to rent it from for the day and of course would treat it as my own and guarantee to return it just as it was.

    The other option i'm floating is using a flatbed trailer to haul it, my concern would be supporting the mast(any thoughts?)

    ps. if anyone knows of someone willing to part with a getaway closer than florida, i'm all ears icon_biggrin
  • https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/84395
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  • Thanks for the reply Gahamby. Unfortunately those are all further from me. The one I found in Florida seems to be a good deal. 2011 in very good condition for $5250
  • Greenville SC, I have a trailer you can have for $100. Probably needs a new pair of tires before a trip to FL though. You want to have a trailer for your cat once you get it.

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  • Hobie Getaway masts separate into 2 pieces so trailering
    on a flatbed should not be an issue
  • Re read the ad
    If you want the wings he wants an additional $800, that put the boat over $6,000
  • They are a popular rental fleet boat, maybe take a long weekend to a place that has them and have a test sail vacation. I know there places in Florida that rent them.
  • Slightly further but less money and a nice aluminum trailer.




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