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Hobie 21se worn crossbar DIY ~$500  Bottom

  • Picked up a 21se earlier this year with some badly worn crossbar holes around the taper pins. A lot of movement when sailing, here's how I went about fixing it:

    After some research I saw that Taper pins came in a standard sizes and the original pins were a #10, I needed to open up the holes to accept a #11 pin. I also wanted to replace the worn cross bar bushings, I picked up some 1/8" sheets of Delrin off ebay for $70. Since the OEM bushings were worn into the crossbar I decided to increase the width from 1" to 3". After applying some heat I was able to form and rivet in the new bushings:

    I picked up a #11 tapered reamer online for $85 and using a 1/2" ratchet opened up the holes in the crossbeams. Rather than just use drill bits I wanted to ensure the holes in the crossbeams would have same taper as pins for a very secure fit.

    I took some measurements and had taper pins made up, $90 a piece from a local turning shop. One thing to note is the welded loop nuts in front are 1/2-20 thread while the rear nylock nuts are 1/2-13 thread, I accidently made all of mine fine thread. No big deal, just had to buy two nuts. I also used a couple hoel saws to make up spacers with the remaining Delrin.

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  • Nice job. You could probably recoup some of the cost selling oversized pins and renting out that reamer to other 21 sailors. I’m sure there are others dealing with the same issue. icon_biggrin

  • VERY nice - that's a well executed/engineered repair. All properly done and stuff. Not like my hacks!

    So, it looks like, about a $500 repair, but you have the beams back to factory or better.

    Looks like that's "the way" to fix these as places like McMaster-Carr only have stainless taper pins up to #10, stock:


    Thanks for sharing.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • looks great
  • Thanks guys, I’m really happy with how it came out. I got the boat on water and it is solid, no movement at all between the crossbars.

    Also, wow this boat is really fast compared to the old 18... love it!
  • You will love it. Was out a few days ago in the Gulf chasing sea turtles and stingrays in very light wind, maybe starting out at 3-5, then only built to 5-7. Was absolutely wonderful cruising! That was relaxing, but the boat still moved out nicely.

    Steve and I just took it easy and enjoyed a couple barley-pops, watching Galveston slide by...that's a good Saturday.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Nice repair I need to do that for mine, It is very loose.Did you buy the boat from Mike at Roton point?
    We missed sailing against it this last weekend at regata. Where is boat located now?

    Hobie 21SE Feral Cat
    Upstate NY lake sailing
  • I didn’t get it from Mike, I got it from a guy who only had it a short time. I live in glastonbury, CT but plan on keeping it at Spicers Marina in Noank, CT next season. I’d love to bring it to next years Roton Point regatta but I may someone to volunteer as crew.

    Reach out if you want any more info on fixing yours. It was a quick fix, longest part was waiting for shop to make my pins.
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