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  • Who sails from the Miami Area will like to put a fleet together.??
  • anybody ???? wants to sail thru the hurricane !!!
  • https://www.facebook.com/Catamaran-Association-of-Biscayne-Bay-Florida-133406503177/
  • Ziper is right. CABB is the right group, with monthly outings. Reach me over email (firstname.lastname@gmail.com works) -- I sail more often than CABB, but not with any schedule -- when work/family allows, I'll be in the bay for a quick couple hours. My cat is at Miami Rowing Club and I rig/teardown in 20-30 minutes.

    Was out in the moderate winds Dorian gave us. Unfortunately, minor gear failure meant I limped back to shore instead of having a fun time :-/
  • I sail from the Miami Area and I would like to put a fleet together) If you have somebody else - I'm ready!
  • Seems silly to create a group when there already is one there doing monthly events. Just got this from John today:

    QuoteOur first CABB event of the year will be Saturday, Jan. 18th. We will be doing one of our very popular Picnic Island Double Distance races. We will have two short distance races with a between the races stopover for lunch on Picnic Island. Picnic Island is a tropical paradise with a white sand beach and swaying palm trees. This Island is located just offshore from Dinner Key Marina. There are picnic tables there for our lunch. We will be launching from the CABB Beach on the Rickenbacker Causeway as usual. The crew meeting will be 10:30. Please have your boat rigged and ready by that time. Pack your own lunch and drinks for our picnic.

    If you need a crew, I can send you the CABB crew list. There are over 30 people on the list who would probably love to go sailing with you. If you want to crew, let me know and I will make every effort to get you matched up with a boat and skipper.

    If you are planning on sailing with the CABB fleet, please drop me a line and let me know of your intensions so I know who to expect.

    So far I have received positive responses from 7 boat owners for this race.

    You can contact them through their facebook Page mentioned above:

    Craig Van Eaton
    West Palm Beach
    Supercat 20

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