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  • I am vacationing this week in Tampa at St. Pete beach and I am blown away by the weight bearing of the sand. The beach chair folks are pulling a 40ft trailer with Dodge Durango easily. I am from the land of powder white sand in Gulf Shores.
    Are most beaches hard except from Panama City to Ocean Springs? When you live by a beach it makes it hard to justify vacationing to other beaches.

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  • there are beaches in sarasotta that are very fine and soft

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  • My read is that yes, there are different sand types and the sand that is more "sharp edged" packs better.
    Having said this, our (bay) beach gets very soft after heavy winds where the sand is initially pushed up out of the bay.
    The longer it sits and takes on rain, without heavy winds, the better it packs.
    Trust me, I have buried my truck in spots where at other times it was riding high and dry.
    Makes me more cautious and I take the time to air down now whenever I go out on the beach with the truck.

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  • Although the sugar sand beaches look great, I prefer the not so fine sand because the sugar fine sand gets EVERYWHERE and the heavier sand just brushes off easily.

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