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  • Local Hobie Fleet 126 is getting a shot in the arm and having several races in Michigan City Indiana this year after a 20-30 year hiatus or something like that. Today on Facebook they shared a 1978 article about the 2nd annual race to be held, The "Mac II". For those of you who don't know, "The Mac Race" is a keel boat race from Chicago to Mackinac Island. This Mac II is a catamaran race from Michigan city to Mackinac island.

    Some of us have talked about doing something similar this year and next when we were discussing the Worrell 1000. Surprisingly not much has changed in the last 41 years. They had the same mindset for rules. 2 stops. Stops to be determined morning of race. Total elapsed time all the way up the great lake. Camping gear goes along for the ride.

    You all should set aside some vacation time this August and join the cruise/race to Lake Huron.


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  • I didn't join Fleet 126 until 1979 and heard some stories about that trip that the years have erased. Then we started the Cross the Lake Race, from Wilmette, Il to Michigan City. One of the founding members lives here in Punta Gorda and another later member just moved here. A reunion is in order.

    For those of you attending the CRAM Great Lakes Challenge, you will be using the ramp mentioned in the article. One of the members built it in his machine shop. Regretfully he had a bicycle accident and is paralyzed
  • Woot for Fleet 126!
    Good to see a resurgence in catamaran activity.

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  • Fleet 126 has been dead for 30 years. I wish Kevin 219 (area code) well in his efforts on such a cruise. The Fleet moved the Lake Street Beach in Gary, some prefer Miller in 82 or so. Fleet 126's last event was the Dunes Regatta back about 1986. My bros said that the races were good, but the jet ski's were at their usual brattyness. I'll guess that a dozen or so boats use the ramp in Michigan City every year.

    Our Labor Day Regatta was on Sunday of the Holiday weekend coincided with the finish of the Tri State Race (Chicago-St Joe, Mi on Fri, St Joe to Mi City on Sat, back to Chi Town on Mon). Heritage, Charley Morgan's 12 Meter sailed the race and it was real cool to sail by such a famous boat.

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