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Nacra 500 Rigging  Bottom

  • I recently purchased a 2009 Nacra 500. There are two pigtails coming off the top of the forestay. Per the manual, one of these is used to attach a jib halyard block. The other pigtail has a 1.5" diameter ring attached which doesn't appear in the manual. I assume this is also part of the jib rigging but can't quite figure it out. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  • Mark,
    If the longer pigtail has the ring on it, it is for your jib.
    Here's a picture:

    Maybe this is better?
    The jib halyard comes up through the ring and leaves back down through it also.
    The forestay attaches to the longer pigtail as well.
    There is a hook on the top of the jib, and you rig it so that the open part of the hook faces the bottom part of the ring. As you hoist the jib, the hook catches on the ring and you now have all metal contact between the top of the jib and the mast.

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  • Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the response. OK, I passed both sides of the jib halyard thru the ring. That leads me to a couple more questions:
    1) There is a small block attached to the halyard with thin line at the point where it transitions from wire to rope. Not quite sure what to do with this block.
    2) Also, I found the hook with a small piece of line tied to one end. Not sure how to attach it to the top of the jib.
    Neither of these items are in the manual I found on line. Thanks


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