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NACRA 5.2 rigging  Bottom

  • Main halyard
    I seem to have a difficult time raising the mainsail the last 6 feet or so. Is there a trick to making the channel in the mast more slippery? I have tried tried liquid soap and silicone spray. This helped a bit but did not cure the issue.

    The main halyard wire portion broke at the locking ball. It looks like I need a new wire portion and should renew the rope potion at the same time. Will 1/4" dyneema type line be suitable for this? is there an other option?

    I have installed a roller furler, resulting in the forestay being too long. This results in extreme mast rake. I calculate 9" that it needs to be shortened, including 2" due to the bridlewires attaching to the tangs on the side of the furler drum, 2.5" for the length of the furler and 4.5" for the length of the upper swivel. I am looking at using a swageless eye fitting for 4mm cable to shorten the forestay. Online info seems to say 222" is stock, so shortening to 219" should be right. Anyone have better data for this, or a better strategy to fix the forestay length?

    Quick release lever
    Would I need to shorten the forestay an additional 8" if I install a Johnson Hyfield quick release lever type shroud adjuster in the forestay with the roller furler?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Dennis in Richland, WA

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