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Universal Righting System Install Prindle 16  Bottom

  • I'm planning to install a Universal Righting System (#01-8292 from Murrays) on my Prindle 16. Does anyone have photos or videos of a completed installation so I do it correctly? Thanks!
  • Never installed on a P16, but it’s a pretty straightforward design. Posting pictures here is a pain, but google should be able to help you out.
    Found one link that has a view of it.


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  • See my photo in technical help
    Check out the white line running along the hulls that veers to the middle of the tramp via shock cord. There is a bullet block on the rear beam on each side. I have yet to use it and ended up making the oh so useful combo motor mount/ righting pole.

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  • I use this on my NACRA 5.7 and it works okay, but I can't right the cat solo with it. The pros are it is a clean, easy to install system that is moderately easy to deploy. Following a capsize, you need to get the main sheet and jib uncleated and get on the lower hull. The end of the Universal righting rope is right under the cross-bar. You need to pull it through the fairlead on the cross-bar and throw it over the upper hull. It is then ready for you and a friend to grab and try to right the boat. Don't make the mistake my friend made last year and forget to throw the line over the upper hull. It has no effect pulling directly on the cross bar. The URS has no mechanical advantage and even big skippers will need help to right a beach cat. Your could tie a rope to the dolphin striker, route it around the mast and over the upper hull and have exactly the same mechanical advantage as the Universal Righting rope.

    I would spend the extra money and buy a righting bag. https://www.murrays.com/product/01-3280/ Yeah, the Big Cat Righting Bag is $225 instead of $60, but you will be able to right the boat solo and very quickly. So, since installing the Universal righting system, I have been able to right my 5.7, but never solo. After getting the righting bag, I know I can always get it up, no matter how much she wants to just sleep on her side. Be sure to seal your mast. DAMHIK

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  • Thanks to all for your input!

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