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  • anyone have a snuffer they would like to sale, hobie 20 450 sq foot spinnaker. Or a furler set up.

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  • I recently went with a Selden CX-10 furler for a similar sized spinnaker. Priced well and it works great! Before that I used a snuffer system but it never worked quite right. Roller furler is the way to go.
  • I put a top down furling spinnaker on my Hobie 21SE and it works just so smooth......... icon_wink

    Opens and closes in 5 seconds..... icon_smile

    Bill 404 21SE
  • I have a SNU snuffer available for an F18 if interested and tapered halyard. Message me your contact info.

    Nacra 5.5SL
    Nacra 5.2 (sold)
    San Diego, CA
  • The Miracle 20 is a pretty clean and fast boat upwind. Competitive with the newest tech. Adding a furling kite reduces upwind performance. A SNU generally minimizes the upwind hit. A F18 snuffer probably won't work for this kite though; the hoop will but the bag is far too small as the F18 kite is only 225 ft^2. To that end you would want to look for a Nacra Inter 20 setup I think, inclusive of the kite (25 m2 or 270 ft2); the 450 ft^2 kite that Hobie originally designed for the boat is far too large and was originally intended for dead downwind running which was quickly determined to be inefficient as VMG running is much faster on a spinnaker catamaran, and a smaller kite is more efficient (a lot less drag). Also this kite probably doesn't have take down patches installed, getting those right is important.

    To that end you can order a longer bag from SNU or go for a complete Nacra setup from one of there dealers.

    Good luck.
  • QuoteTo that end you can order a longer bag from SNU or go for a complete Nacra setup from one of there dealers.

    you can always add a foot or so to the end of a f18 spin sock too
    this is a pretty easy job for anyone who can use a sewing machine or self stitch (neither can i do well)
  • Yes, I have done this to convert a 3 patch bag to a 2 patch bag (my preference, faster hoists and similar douse times). You need more like 3 or 4 extra feet in this case and the trouble is the bag is pretty tapered at the bit you are extending.

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