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Keep that snow weight off your boat.  Bottom

  • Yesterday,

    I broomed off whatever snow what clinging to my boat cover. Than shoveled any snow around and in front of the trailer too....my woman looked at me in disbelief....

    Well last night we got a couple more inches of wet snow and I cleared the path again
    ...and my woman asked

    Why do you do that?

    I stumbled across a few reasons in my head and finally admitted that I not sure when I will take the boat out again....I just need to be ready........... icon_cool

    She understood....and when I came back inside, I found her researching Hotel rates at the Ramada Inn near Fort Walton Yacht Club....

    She is wonderful! icon_wink

    Bill 404 21SE
  • The reason to take snow off boat is that it is not snow. It is ice camouflaged as heavy wet snow. During the day it melts, then freezes at night. Next snow storm same thing. By third snow storm you have 200-300 lbs ice on the boat. I learned it the hard way when I found hulls of H-18 or N-5.2 crushed. With Prindles I've had hulls ok but trailer arms bent down to a 45 angle. We're looking at next 5 days snow every day, but I'm on alert. Pete
  • Florida!!

    Master UniRig Sailor
  • I hope you get a lot of snow Pete. It might keep the lake level up this summer.

    ‘92 H18 w/SX wings
    ‘95 Hobie Funseeker 12 (Holder 12)
    #69 H21SE in Southern CA
  • That's some much needed positivity for this time of year, Bill.

    Nacra 6.0 NA
    Ogden Dunes, IN
  • Years back when I moved to the snow belt when storing the boat in the winter I got one of the rubberized truck tarps and draped it over the mast and secured it to the trailer on each side... never a problem....

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA

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