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  • https://www.sail-world.co…ur-Buck-with-SuperFoiler

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  • Yer gonna need a bigger tree...

    Sheet In!
    Prindle 18-2 #244 "Wakizashi"
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    Arizona, USA
  • looks sick (in a good way) but complex
    they even state that they are still working on making it easier and safer

    it looks like you need to be rich and a pro, and not interested in "fun" but trying to be insanely fast and competitive

    the UFO looks a lot easier, cheaper and probably more fun than that rocket (for the typical multihuller)
    the f101 looks even better but much more expensive
  • Just get a foiling A. Relatively speaking the most simple of the boats, the price is a happy medium and there is an active fleet plus good used boats on the market at the moment. I would not want to deal with the complexity of a $100k+ Superfoiler or find 2 crew I trust are capable to sail the beast with.
  • Come foiling! Whisper, UFO and S9 foilers are all within reach -- cost and complexity wise. Those 3 are primarily for fun and I can attest first hand they get the job done icon_wink
  • I can't speak for the others but I did see a UFO at a regatta last year. While I could take out any of my boats in light wind and putt around, the UFO did not seem like much fun in the light stuff.


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