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H18 Scale Model?  Bottom

  • I've been thinking for a while I'd really like a scale model of my boat. Accurate rigging would be cool, but not essential. It would be part office display piece, part "tool" for conceptualizing movements with my crew in the off-season. That's what I'd tell my wife anyways. Winters are long in the Midwest and having a model would ease the pain of no hull flying for 5 months.

    Any ideas? The closest I've found is the made to order Tiger model and they want $625 plus shipping...

  • I made a scale model of Tornado hulls from 2x4s on the band saw.
    About 1:12 scale. My canvas shop made a tiny tramp. Hobby shop mast and beams. The kids action figures are about the right scale. Harry Potter has been trapping out.

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